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Aurore: Music Lessons from the Cathedral School

Sammatintie 5, 00550 Helsinki
St. Paul's church

Music lessons from the Cathedral School – The rich music life of Åbo in the 16th century

Music lessons from the Cathedral School – The rich music life of Åbo in the 16th century

What music was sung and played in 16th century Finland? One might think that the remote Finland would’ve been relatively clueless of the high culture of the Renaissance and the musical life o fcentral Europe, but from the notebooks of the Turku Cathedral School we can conclude that this was not the case at all! The Cathedral School offered the highest education in Finland and maintained very close contact with the rest of Europe and its universities. The school’s students and teachers had access to an abundance of music from the most essential composers of the time, such as Orlando di Lasso, Giaches de Wert and even Josquin himself. So an astonishing amount of Renaissance music was played in the school halls!

The vocal ensemble Ex Arte Lux accompanied by period instruments lead the listeners on a hypothetical journey into the musical life of the cathedral school and the cathedral standing next to it during the late Renaissance.

Meet the artists and coffee serving 45min before the concert at 18.15.


Ex Arte Lux:

Anneliina Rif, soprano
Maikki Säikkä, soprano
Kristina Raudanen, alto
Mats Lillhannus, tenor
Teemu Mustonen, tenor
Pekka Alonen, bass



Gallus Dressler
Josquin Desprez
Orlando di Lasso
Jacob Meiland
Michael Praetorius
Johann Walter
Giaches de Wert


St. Paul's Church

28.1.2023 at 19.00


Tickets 25/20€ from Holvi Shop, duration 1 h 15 min

Aurore Renaissance Music Festival 26.-29.1.2023 in St. Paul's Church