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AXellent Stand Up in Swedish

Välimerenkatu 18, 00220 Helsinki
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AXellent Stand Up in Swedish hosting by Anders Helenius

AXellent Stand Up in Swedish hosting by Anders Helenius

Anders Helenius became known to the Finnish people via the news satire "Noin viikon studio" (YLE1 2018), but has already made the audience laugh with his stand-up in both Finnish and Swedish for almost 20 years.
This award-winning comedian succeeds in the art of taking everyday observations and twisting them into a sharp satire that both tears down laughter and provokes thought.

Anna Rimpelä is an actor and comedian who, with her unique way of expression, brings up the things that few say out loud. She has appeared in several domestic TV series and performed in Nelonen's Stand Up comedy show! Anna frequently performs at the country's biggest comedy clubs and has also written four books. She has also performed extensively at Janne Grönroo's Swedish-language stand up club Top Floor Comedy in Helsinki and around Swedish Finland.

Jonathan Lagerquist is Finland's poorest Finnish Swede, but he himself thinks he is the funniest. The FPA stopped supporting his psychotherapy, so now he deals with his problems on stage instead.

Bahar Tokat is a Karelian-Turkish Goth. If Marilyn Manson got Tingling on the floor, the result would be Bahar Tokat — life's own rebellious kebab skewer that refuses to be squeezed into a pita bread.

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20.00 - 22.00

Tickets 18€ from Tiketti, age limit 18 yrs