Photo Café Barock (c) Brice Cocset ja Kari Kohvakka

Café Barock @ Universum: Pearls and Pigs

Perämiehenkatu 13, 00150 Helsinki

Pearls and Pigs - French flute and harpsichord music

Pearls and Pigs - French flute and harpsichord music

Flute playing was a fashionable pastime in Paris in the early 18th century. Known also as the "Flûte Allemande", the flute was considered an instrument of the aristocracy, and especially for men, because it was not seen as a suitable instrument for women. The flute was thought to be especially suitable for French music because of its soft and sweet sound. In addition, it was well suited for playing the charming decoration patterns.

French flute music's sophistication and elegance also has a dramatic other side that is best reflected in Forqueray and Leclair's production. The composers themselves were not direct sophisticated role-models, rather the opposite: Gambist Antoine Forqueray remained in history books not only as a composer of his technically demanding music, but also as a sudden man who assaulted his first wife and teased his talented gambist son Jean-Baptist. 

Jean-Marie Leclair, who acquired enemies for herself, is known to die as a victim of murder. These dramatic characters and their startling music are balanced by the sweet Braun sonata and a charming serie of Philidor, where the flute gets into its rights in terms of both its voice and virtuoso voice flexibility.


Ilkka Eronen, Traverso

Aura Visala, Cembalo

Braun - Philidor - Forqueray - Leclair





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The cafe is open before the concert and during the interval