Café Linnunpesä

Jengipolku 8, 00710 Helsinki

Pihlajamäki Youth Park hosts Café Linnunpesä, which is run by young summer workers, open for everyone and has a selection of lovely and affordable treats!

When visiting Café Linnunpesä, you can also enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the entire Pihlajamäki Youth Park. In the café’s immediate vicinity, there is a large park area with swings and big grass areas, which are an amazing setting for enjoying the café’s offerings and spending time with your friends. 

Next to the café is also a skatepark with fun activities such as scooting and BMX biking! From the skate container run by young summer workers, you can borrow equipment and protectors for trying out new hobbies at the park. 

The café is open Mon–Fri from 11.00 to 17.30 (closed Fri 9 June and Fri 7 July). 

See you at Pihlajamäki Youth Park and Café Linnunpesä this summer!