Carmina Burana – Szeged Contemporary Dance Company

Kasarmikatu 46-48, 00130 Helsinki
Savoy Theatre

Top choreographer's international Carmina Burana dance performance to Finland in October!

Top choreographer's international Carmina Burana dance performance to Finland in October!

The international Carmina Burana dance performance by top Hungarian choreographer Tamás Juronics will arrive in Finland in October. Szeged Contemporary Dance Company's performance, which will be seen for the first time in Hungary, combines ballet and contemporary dance in its own unique way. The dance company's Carmina Burana performance will be performed four times in Helsinki, at the Savoy Theatre from 9 to 12 October.

Now coming to Finland, the show has already attracted over 200 000 spectators around the world in more than 350 performances. The company includes a total of twenty dancers from Italy and Hungary. Carmina Burana at the Savoy Theatre is also the group's most popular performance ever.

- We take viewers into a bygone world where barbarism and ritual life are linked to the search for a living from the ruins of civilisation. To the accompaniment of Carl Orff's magnificent music, viewers are confronted with the struggle to survive, but also with love, joy and hope. Through dance, we show how fate can be cruel and unstable. At the same time, we can learn a lot about ourselves, our destiny, our possibilities and our humanity," says choreographer Tamás Juronics.

The Contemporary Dance Company was founded in 1993 and over the years has become Hungary's leading contemporary dance company. The company's unique style combines acrobatics, modern dance movements, theatrical elements and artistically intense visions. The shows are characterized by the dancers' skillful movements and the dramatic power and philosophical depth of the performance.

Carmina Burana will last 1 hour 15 minutes and will be produced by BALLETS. Tickets for the performances are already on sale at

Carmina Burana at the Savoy Theatre:

Mon 9.10. at 19.00
Tue 10.10. at 19.00
Wed 11.10. at 19.00
Thu 12.10. at 19.00

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Age limit recommendation: +5