EMMA Talks: Tschabalala Self

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EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art

EMMA Talks: Tschabalala Self in discussion with Wisam Elfadl

EMMA Talks: Tschabalala Self in discussion with Wisam Elfadl

Around the Way showcases multi-material paintings and sculptures by the American artist Tschabalala Self. Self regards herself first and foremost as a painter, although her paintings could also be described as collages or assemblages. She depicts bodies that are both exalted and objectified in Western imagery and art history. Through repetition, deconstruction and distortion of this imagery, she creates a new kind of narrative about the Black body.

Wisam Elfadl is a cultural producer specialising in the discovery of hidden knowledge, decolonisation and the recording of history. She is actively involved in an ongoing project entitled Islamia Queeristi (Islam in a queer way), funded by Kone Foundation, as well as Afrosuomalaiset Helsingissä (Afro–Finns in Helsinki) and the associated Being Black exhibition, organised by the City of Helsinki. The common aim of these activities is to challenge prevailing ideas about Islam, Muslims, Finnishness, Africanness, and foster a sense of ownership and belonging.


EMMA, Espoo



The discussion is in English, questions can also be asked in Finnish