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Etteepäi elävän mieli

Metsäpurontie 4, 00630 Helsinki
Maunula House

Growth stories from a Karelian evacuee girl.

What will we witness when 94-year-old Sirkka’s memories are revived through reading her old poems, giving us a peek through history? 

On stage, the story of a young girl during wartime on the Karelian isthmus in 1939–1944. Sirkka’s life turns upside down when her family is ordered to evacuate and she ends up doing hard work at a factory. Sirkka returns to Karelia during the Continuation War, find love and hope for the future, which are then unfortunately prevented by the war. 

The story follows Sirkka as she grows into a woman and faces the challenges of war. Sirkka’s story is enough to make modern viewers emotional.

Admission is free. In Finnish.



Tuulia Luttinen – Young Sirkka

Riitta Silvo – Old Sirkka


Other roles:

Jukka Pirttioja

Sanna Rautio



Martin Iivarinen

Riitta Kaukonen


Artistic team:

Jouko Jauhiainen – script

Sakari Topi – director

Antti Kokkonen – assistant director

Antti-Aleksi Hyväkkä – lights and projection

Merja Salo – producer

Martin Hackenberg – show media planning

Isabella Hietala – marketing media planning

Kalevi Kaivola – coordinator

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