Photo Jenny Nordberg: Candle Holder_Hand Force (2014). Designmuseo (c) Andreas Kurtsson

Fast Design à la Jenny Nordberg

Korkeavuorenkatu 23, 00130 Helsinki
Design Museum

Design workshops for families: Fast design à la Jenny Nordberg

Design workshops for families: Fast design à la Jenny Nordberg

Where do products come from? Who makes them? Where are they produced? Many familiar items are produced in large volumes in factories. As a part of her work, designer Jenny Nordberg has addressed the theme of producing items of many types. She has wanted to experiment if it is possible to imitate industrial production in a designer’s studio. Is it possible to produce items manually at a very high speed?

The workshop is based on Jenny Nordberg’s project that she started in 2014. The methods employed share the common denominator of each production phase taking no more than 3 to 5 seconds. Inspired by the designer’s work, we engage in fast-track production using clay that we process at a very high speed

Please note that the goal of this workshop is not to complete a product to take home; instead, you can find out how different types of items are made by trying out for yourself. In this workshop, making things yourself and learning about the stages of production are more important than the end-product.

Design workshops for families are ways to inspire and help children and their adults to do things and get involved in design projects together. The workshops can offer ideas for observing your surroundings and for finding ways of creative expression through design.


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Admission fee for the museum 6-15€, under 18 yrs free entry

The workshop takes place on a non-stop basis, so you can join any time. The workshop is for everyone and does not require any special skills. Recommended for ages 6 and up, ages 10 and under adult supervision only.

Guidance in Finnish and English