Finnish Swimming Championships 2024

Mäkelänkatu 49, 00550 Helsinki

The main event of Finnish swimming is once again being held at Mäkelänrinne this year. Come watch the Finnish Swimming Championships.

The Finnish Swimming Championships will be held this year at the Mäkelänrinne Swimming Center, where athletes will compete for championship positions not only in the open category but also in the youth and para swimming categories. Each competition day will start with preliminary heats in the morning, from which the best swimmers will be selected for the evening finals. Youth championship positions will also be decided in the morning, with the best young swimmers being awarded. The evening finals will determine the championship positions in the open and para swimming categories.

The Finnish Swimming Championships are the most important competition of the swimming season, bringing together the best swimmers in Finland. The 2024 Finnish Swimming Championships are not just a competition, but a celebration of swimming that unites athletes, coaches, and the audience. The event provides an opportunity to see the stars of Finnish swimming and celebrate the community of swimming.

Mäkelänrinne Swimming Hall

27 June - 30 June 2024