FORUM X ILLUSION - experience & bewilder

Mannerheimintie 20, 00100 Helsinki
Shopping centre Forum

During the summer, Forum will display spectacular and experiential optical illusions that you won't encounter anywhere else in Helsinki!

For the summer, Forum shopping centre has created an spectacular optical illusion exhebition. You are invited to see, experience, bewilder and delight.

This summer Forum is floating in a bubble of illusions. With the bubbles we wish to communicate the lightess and freedom of the precious summer state of mind - Forum for Freedom. The summer is celebrated by providing their visitors experiences that aren't met anywhere else in Helsinki. Four bubble-like optical illusions have been created for the shopping centre, which will awaken creativity and challenge everyday realism.

FORUM X ILLUSION 1.6. - 5.8.2024

Enter Forum from Mannerheimintie 20 main entrance and encounter the first inviting window of the world of illusions.

1. Forum X - atrium (optimal view at floor 1, street level)

This huge piece adorning the Forum atrium forms the letter X when viewed from a suitable angle. The surfaces of the work refract light, creating the impression of soap bubbles.

2. Ames Room - floor 2

Ames Room is a prestigious room used to create an optical illusion. You can enter the piece with a friend and play with proportions. A person standing in the corner of the optical illusion looks tall to the viewer's eyes, while the one standing in the other corner looks small. The illusion is so convincing that a person walking back and forth from the left corner to the right corner seems to grow or shrink.

3. Infinity Room - floor 3

A mirror room is a fascinating optical illusion that can make a space look like an infinity room, an enchantment to reflect the rest over and over again. Enter the Infinity Room and take a memorable photo memory.

4. Anamorphic Room - floor 3

Anamorphosis is a valued projection that requires a special perspective, special use, or both from the viewer to see a recognizable image. It is used in painting, photography, sculpture andinstallations, toys and special effects for films. The word is derived from the Greek prefix ana-, which means "back" or "again", and from the word morphe, which means "form" or "form". Artists have used extreme anamorphosis to disguise, among other things. caricatures and other random images to reveal an undistorted image to the knowledgeable viewer. Step in to find out!

The exhibition is accessible.

Shopping Center Forum

1 June - 5 August 2024