Gertrude-material: About love of art & art as love  

Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8, 00100 Helsinki
Helsinki Art Museum HAM

Gertrude-material is a performance by the swedish speaking Acting Programme at the Theatre Academy i…

Gertrude-material is a performance by the swedish speaking Acting Programme at the Theatre Academy in collaboration with Helsinki Art Museum HAM.   

Gertrude-material is a performance about love and art. About love for art, but also about art as love, as an act of love, as a lovework. The performance loosely follows in the footsteps of Gertrude Stein and her life companion Alice B. Toklas and reaches out through various tentacles to the present, to contemporary art and to today's art talk. What do we talk about when we talk about art? What do we talk about when in love? How do we talk about all the things we can't really talk about because what we want to talk about doesn't seem to translate into words?  

- It feels like I'm still you know longing for a bit more, than, you know, that it is just sticking out.  

- Mmm do we feel different then?  

- There, there we are different yes.  

Duration: 1,5 h Performance language is Swedish For more information: maria.kaihovirta(at), tel. +358 400 792 006 

TICKETS: Entry with the museum ticket prices, museum card, persons under 18 free. You can buy museum tickets on site. Please, remember seat reservations via the links below!  


Opening-night: 11.2. at 1714.2. at 15 15.2. at 1816.2. at 1818.2. at 16 19.2. at 1521.2. at 15 

Direction and dramaturgy Aune KallinenDirection of actors Seppo KumpulainenSound design Nicolas "Leissi" Rehn (utbildningsprogrammet i ljuddesign, konstnärligt lärdomsprov, TeM)Costume design Charlotte Østergaard 

 On stage 

Jesper Fransson (utbildningsprogrammet i skådespelarkonst, konstnärligt lärdomsprov, TeM)Ragni Grönblom-Jolly (gäst)Alexandra Gustafsson (utbildningsprogrammet i skådespelarkonst, konstnärligt lärdomsprov, TeM)Kristiina Karhu (Teatterityön tutkinto-ohjelma Näty, Tampereen Yliopisto)Tobias Klemets (utbildningsprogrammet i skådespelarkonst)Patrik Kumpulainen (utbildningsprogrammet i skådespelarkonst)Sara-Maria Pirhonen (utbildningsprogrammet i skådespelarkonst)Walter Ruokolahti (utbildningsprogrammet i skådespelarkonst, konstnärligt lärdomsprov, TeM)