Photo Kuvituskuva: Helsinki Partners (c) Juha Valkeajoki / Sherpa

Haze Wave Festival 2024

In July, international and Finnish breweries take over Helsinki, when the craft beer festival Haze Wave Festival takes place in Helsinki.

The Haze Wave Festival beer festival will make a comeback next July, when it will take over Espoo's Otaniemi. 

The festival venue is an abandoned former research laboratory, whose main hall has now been harnessed for event use for the first time ever. 

In addition, in honour of the July weather, there is also a large outdoor area, separate DJ rooms, and many other rooms to explore... And also a sauna?

As usual, Haze Wave Festival offers the "almost all inclusive" ticket type, which has caused a stir in the media, which includes 50x small beer tasting portions per day. 

In addition, as a novelty this year, it is also possible to pay admission fee with separate drink tickets, which guarantees entry at a cheaper price, and more drink tickets can be bought on site throughout the day.

The event will feature 40+ breweries from around the world, 300+ beers, 15+ DJs...

Also the festival features food trucks, wine producers, distilleries, tattoo artists etc.


Otaniemi, Espoo


More information will be announced later