Hunden Rexi tröstar – Speachless kindergarten-cinema

Mosaiikkitori 2, 00980 Helsinki
Vuosaari House

Polish animation about the dog Reksio. Language: Speechless, music only.

Polish animation about the dog Reksio. Language: Speechless, music only.

Reksio is a Polish cartoon character who is the protagonist of the children's animated adventure-comedy Polish TV series of the same name. Reksio was created by Polish director Lechosław Marszałek. Its 65 episodes were designed and produced from 1967 to 1990 in a Polish animated films studio, more specifically in Studio Filmów Rysunkowych (situated in the city of Bielsko-Biała) which also made the more well-known Bolek and Lolek (there are even cameo appearances of Lolek and Bolek in Reksio).

All episodes describe the adventures of a friendly and courageous piebald terrier dog named Reksio along with his human owners (a middle class Polish family throughout most of the main series) and his animal friends, mostly living in the same courtyard as him, namely hens, cats, or other dogs (and their owners as well). Along with Lolek and Bolek, Reksio has achieved cult status in Poland. Additionally, there is even a crisps brand named after him in Poland. Furthermore, a series of educational, adventure, and puzzle video games for children were also created by Aidem Media from Gdańsk which are based on and star Reksio.

These educational video games were distributed even outside Poland, to other Central European and Eastern European countries (even to Russia) during the early to mid 2000s. In Romania, for example, they were distributed in educational gaming magazines for children by Erc Press. There was an additional second wave of video games developed by Aidem Media throughout the late 2000s and even early 2010s.

Mandatory seatbooking for groups @, voluntarily for private persons. Duration apx. 30 min.