Jäljellä olevaa – dance performance about mouth – Lin Da & working group

Turunlinnantie 1, 00900 Helsinki
Cultural Centre Stoa

Jäljellä olevaa is a dance performance about the mouth. The title Jäljellä olevaa can be translated as “remaining traces” as well as “something remaining after most things are gone”.

Jäljellä olevaa is a dance performance about the mouth. The title Jäljellä olevaa can be translated as “remaining traces” as well as “something remaining after most things are gone”.

The mouth reaches to encounter, it reaches towards the skin and nourishment. The mouth can sense the world, yet also harm, disassemble and threaten. The working group puts itself on display on stage while opening to the contradictions of the mouth and questioning the definition of the stage.

The tone of the dance performance is created by the experience of the mouth – it is a pulsating concert, a landscape, and a space where bodies connect within themselves, with others and the infinite.

The audience members encounter the work as a collective who is invited on a journey to be nourished and stimulated.

Jäljellä olevaa creates space for the mouth, unshackling its expression and allowing the body to become visible. The working group relaxes into the essence of the mouth – its ephemerality and sensuality.

Choreographer Lin Da's longing to be with a limited area and theme evokes its limitless potential. Reflection on the mouth, corporeality, experientiality, and the inner world have expanded into reflections on infinity and limitlessness, where all beings are connected.

The performances take place at Stoa - make sure to secure your spot!

The performance is accompanied by an exhibition that will take place in Stoa's gallery 19.5-9.6.2024. Lin Da's Jälkiä ja kaikuja (Traces and echoes) exhibition asks whether the cavity of the mouth could be perceived as a landscape. A warm welcome to the opening of the exhibition at Stoa gallery on Saturday 18.5. at 15:00. As part of the opening program Lin Da will perform their latest work - titled Dripping sketch - solo for a mouth.

Lin Da (they/them) is a non-binary artist, choreographer and performer whose work focuses on interaction, care, touch, somatics and being with incompleteness. Lin's artistic work takes place between contemporary choreography and contemporary dance, as well as performance art and visual arts. They work with the sensitivity of the bodily being.

Lin’s works have been displayed at Mad House Helsinki, Camerata Hall at the Helsinki Music Centre, UrbanApa X Ateneum Festival, Loikka Dance Film Festival, Tanzfaktur's Sommer Akademie Festival in Cologne and NEU/NOW Online Festival in Amsterdam. Lin graduated from the Uniarts Helsinki with the Master of Fine Arts degree (2023) and the Master of Arts in Dance (2016).

Working group
Choreographer and director Lin Da
Performers Taru Aho, Geoffrey Erista, Amita Kilumanga and Jyri Pirinen
Costume designer Amita Kilumanga
Sound designer Jyri Pirinen
Production Lin Da
Co-producers Esitystaiteen seura (Live Art Society) ja Stoa
Supporters Jenny ja Antti Wihurin rahasto (Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, Niilo Helanderin säätiö (Niilo Helander Foundation), Taiteen edistämiskeskus (Arts Promotion Finland), Helsingin kaupunki (City of Helsinki), Esitystaiteen seura (Live Art Society) and Stoa

Performances at Stoa (Turunlinnantie 1, Itäkeskus, Helsinki).

Fri 31.5. at 20.30

Other performances:
Sat 1.6. at 17
Sun 2.6. at 19
Fri 7.6. at 19
Sun 9.6. at 19

Tickets: https://www.esitys.fi/lippukauppa

Age recommendation: 12+

There are two wheelchair spaces in each performance. If you would like to reserve a wheelchair spot, please contact the Live Art Society's producer Sonja Korkman (+358 44 725 77 00/[email protected]) to inquire about the availability. Please let us know at the same time if you want to reserve a seat for an assistant. The seats are unnumbered.

There is very little talking in the performance. The languages are Finnish and English.