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Jade Kallio & Remi Vesala: Laava

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Jade Kallio & Remi Vesala – Laava (2023)

Jade Kallio & Remi Vesala – Laava (2023)

Laava is a love letter to things that cannot be written about; about love, exciting piles of rice, longing, a disappearing landscape, memories you can't trust. Writing either hurts, or it's impossible to find the words.
Laava is a continuation of the working group's previous work Magma (2020). Both works deal with human relationships and ecology. The wishes for transformation, non-monogamy and boundless love which were still partially smoldering under the surface erupt in Laava, which deals with the end of a relationship.
Laava has been photographed in Northern Italy in the Bergamo Alps, in the Kurjenrahka National Park and in Suomenlinna.

Remi Vesala is a freelance curator and artist living in Helsinki. In their work, they strive to create space for complexity, theory and emotions. They are interested in different border states and transformations.
Jade Kallio is an artist living in Helsinki who works with moving image, performance art and painting. In their works, Kallio often deals with gender and the meanings encoded in the body, as well as the spaces where these meanings are created. When dealing with personal topics, they combine documentary fiction and fantasy.
Together, Kallio and Vesala make a trilogy focused on queer ecofiction. After Magma and Laava, they will start working on the last part of the trilogy.


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