Photo Kaaos Company (c) Annika Miettinen

Kaaos Company: Principia

Työpajankatu 2, building 4, 00580 Helsinki
Mad House Helsinki

Principia examines the basis of bodily existence and encounters.

Principia is a performance that examines the basis of bodily existence and encounters in relation to time, space, gravity and hanging, dangling, falling, rotation, liberation, intertwining and transformation.

The performers move between the ground and air using aerial acrobatics in the context of contemporary choreography. The starting points for the somatic work have been the rich experiences of the human body and the relationships between sensations and movement with the world.

Principia mixes contexts, bodies and things together in a New Materialist spirit.

Kaaos Company is an inclusive dance company that has been operating for over ten years, challenging normative issues by opening the stage to a wide range of bodies. The group's work redirects and constructs the body's 'asness' and raises issues of equality and discrimination.

Mad House Helsinki




9.5. at 19.00

11.5. at 16.00


Tickets pay what you can from Lippupiste, duration 1 h