Kinokonsertti Ukrainan hyväksi – In Spring – DocPoint – Helsinki documentary film festival

Kasarmikatu 46-48, 00130 Helsinki
Savoy Theatre

In Spring (Навесні)
Mikhail Kaufman, Ukraine 1929

The Ukrainian director Mikhail Kaufman is considered a master of classical documentary film. He is also the little brother of another masterful Ukrainian filmmaker, Dziga Vertov. With his brother, Kaufman shot the famous documentary Man and the Movie Camera (1929). The brothers started working on In Spring together, but due to stylistic differences, the film was directed by Kaufman in the end. The film was missing for a long time, until it was discovered in Amsterdam in 2005.

In the film, we see springtime Kiev blooming after the winter, the inhabitants cleaning up for the new season, children riding their bicycles, cats warming up in the sun, and people gathering up for a picnic. Gently, the film shows the everyday life of the Kiev citizens. The 1929 Kiev looks modern!

And then, a picture association to our times: the Kiev of today. Everyday life in current-day Kiev looks very different.

The proceeds of the event will go to Ukrainian filmmakers through their organisation DocuDays. The DocuDays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is the only human rights film festival in Ukraine.

In Spring is a film concert concept developed by the Norwegian Mirage Festival and curator Martijn Te Pas. In 2023, the concerts are presented in collaboration with European film festival. DocPoint is honoured to begin this tour.

The film rights are controlled by Dovzhenko Centre.

In the event, the film is accompanied by Ukrainian musicians Roksana Smirnova and Misha Kalinin.

In collaboration:
PlayArt Productions
Tromsø International Film Festival
MIRAGE – Film Festival for the Art of the Real
Dovzhenko Centre, Ukraina

Language: English
Length: 1 h