Linenhead + Maggie's Band

Helsinginkatu 15, 00500 Helsinki
Tenho Restobar

Linenhead and Maggie's Band perform at Tenho!

Linenhead and Maggie's Band perform at Tenho! Linenhead is a trio that was founded in Helsinki in 2020, playing rattling and open-minded folk rock. The band's music broadly draws its ingredients from Anglo-American and English folk, through the guitar folk wave of the 1960s, as well as the "child ballad" songs of the 1660s, to the modern and rich - tinged with baroque pop and jangle rock - musical inspiration.

Maggie's Band is an energetic indie rock band whose music is a mix of folk pop and modern pop rock sound. The band took silver in the 2023 Emergenza band competition. It received praise from the judges for its charismatic and luminous stage presence and catchy songs. The band's songs deal with difficult and relatable topics with comforting joy.


Tenho Restobar



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