Photo Cirko / Company Portmanteau (c) Luis Sartori do Vale

Lumo Company: Fineline

Kaasutehtaankatu 1/4, building 8, 00540 Helsinki
Cirko - Center for New Circus

Fineline is a raw description of finding balance inside off-balance by staying in motion.

Company Portmanteau: Perto

Perto is the Portuguese word for ‘near’, ‘close’. It is the conceptual starting point for a transdisciplinary performance which experiments with the potentials of real time video imagery on scenic spaces.

Transforming the meanings of the actions on stage by the simple manipulation of images in an imaginary space, Perto explores technologically mediated relationships and how different modes of communication can intertwine, interact or speak to each other.

Combining contemporary circus, video art, dance and physical theatre, blurring boundaries between ‘virtual’ and ‘real, Perto creates a complex network of interactions between different universes and the performers themselves.

Through a collection of several tableaux, or short stories, 5 performers share the stage exploring different aspects of lives and roles in a technologically mediated society.





24.3. / 24.3. / 25.3. / 31.3. / 1.4. 


Tickets 16,50/30€ from Tiketti, age recommendation: 8+