Malmitalo 30th Anniversary: Faso Kan, Honey B & T-bones and all sorts of world culture – Malmi Summer of Events

Ala-Malmin tori 1, 00700 Helsinki
Cultural Centre Malmitalo

Saturday on the anniversary weekend is filled with rhythm with jubilant Faso Kan and psychedelic Honey B & T-bones.

Saturday on the anniversary weekend is filled with rhythm with jubilant Faso Kan and psychedelic Honey B & T-bones.

Join us and dance among the soap bubbles, tour the workshops and truly get to know lots of different world cultures! We will also holding visual arts, djembe and dance workshops as well as a dance show by dance school Hilpeät Helmat. If you’re interested in our district’s history, join the common walking tour to hear more.

12 noon to 2:15 pm
Art School’s Patterns and Designs! workshop

Visual community art for the summer: take a trip into the world of patterns and designs! At this workshop, we will be designing colourful patterns and painting them on long rolls of paper with everyone. The workshop will move indoors if it rains.

The workshop instructors are Art School of Northern Helsinki teachers Elina Gyldén and Aleksi Marjamaa.
Language: Finnish

2 pm to 3 pm
Faso Kan

Faso Kan performs melodic and upbeat music that draws on West African tradition that will not disappoint any audience. On stage, the group lets loose with the joy of music, dance, and singing!

Faso Kan’s musical programme focuses on the themes of community and environmental wellbeing. Their bright performance conveys a sense of friendship and peace, along with positive energy for the audience.

The group’s traditional West African instruments are made from wood and natural materials, and their deep sound evokes the sounds of a forest. The climate crisis impacts our whole planet, and the forests could be an important part of the solution.

3 pm to 4 pm
Faso Kan drum and dance workshop

Try out a djembe drum and African dances with the help of Faso Kan’s musicians.

We can play, dance and sing West African rhythms and have fun together. Come and discover a new, relaxing hobby!

You do not need prior experience or your own instruments to join. Maximum number of participants: 20 persons.

4 pm to 4:30 pm
Dance show Ay romale

Dance group Ay romale presents Roma music, with wide spinning hems and large scarves.

With an accelerating tempo of sturdy rhythms, Roma dances express a wide range of emotions. power, sensibility, melancholy, friendship, and the joy of living. Ay romale have been active in Helsinki for almost a decade under dance teacher Anita Kurvinen.

In addition to Kurvinen, the group’s performers include Silja Koivisto, Olga Kemppinen, Marjo Kopra, Milla Laaksonen, Linda Lemmetty, Lina Machmouchi and Lotta Ora.

5 pm to 6 pm
Honey B & T-Bones

Honey B & T-Bones, a staple cult classic of Finnish rhythm music bring their familiar performance to the Malmitalo 30th anniversary!

The band is known for its high-quality musicianship and surprises on stage. Their sound is mix of psychedelic colours, blues, funk and pop. What this turns into is a very characteristic and current style of music that gets listeners to feel the rhythm.
Currently, Honey B & T-Bones performs as a quartet.

Band members:
Aija Puurtinen: vocals, keyboard, bass
Esa Kuloniemi: guitar, vocals
Mooses Kuloniemi: drums, vocals
Pekka Rajamäki: bass, rhythm guitar, vocals