Photo Heikki Kynsijärvi

Maunula House Summer Square: Children's Saturday

Metsäpurontie 4, 00630 Helsinki
Maunula House

Children's Saturday at Maunula’s Summer Square will feature plenty of fun and diverse performances and activities.

klo 10–14 Face painting


klo 10.30–11.15 Naattiorkesteri: The Naattiorkesteri orchestra sings, rhymes and exaggerates!


klo 12–14 Romumarionetti -workshop: The workshop involves using parts of everyday items and toys to build marionettes, i.e. puppets on strings. The workshop takes 20–25 min. 10 children at a time can participate in the workshop. 


klo 12–12.45 Lullaby ympäri Afrikkaa (Lullaby stories) In this workshop, children get to hear about the animals of Africa through music, dance and stories. Workshop duration: 45 min.