Opal Ocean (AUS)

Eteläesplanadi 1, 00130 Helsinki
Espa Stage

After tantalizing listeners with a taste of what they were capable of in 2015 with the release of their Terra EP, the Australia- based duo of Alex Champ & Nadav Tabak continued to chart their own unique & extraordinary journey towards success.

With the incredible response to their lead single “J.A.M.” going viral and racking up an astounding thirty-million hits across their various social media platforms online, it was instantly clear that Alex & Nadav were on to something special with their music as Opal Ocean, and they immediately set forth to craft a professional career & legacy that they could proudly call their own.

Through their intricate technique and intensely mesmerizing, psychedelically-tinged spin on the acoustic sound, Opal Ocean unleashed a monumental set of captivating songs for their full- length debut record Lost Fables in 2016, which would go on to establish their name across the globe as they toured through Canada, New Zealand, and Europe.

From significant highlights & achievements along the way like their crowd-funded single “Mexicana,” being featured at festivals, doing interviews, receiving critical acclaim from all corners of the map, and the release of their second album The Hadal Zone in 2020 – Opal Ocean surged throughout the scene with music that spoke volumes on behalf of their chemistry & authenticity.