Photo EMMA (c) Paula Virta

Open Workshop: Zig-Zag Labyrinth

Ahertajantie 5, 02100 Espoo
EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art

At the open workshop, the participants will record observations together by drawing on one large, shared piece of paper with colour pencils.

At the open workshop, the participants will create a collective work of art by mounting large and small objects onto a net attached to a frame. Who knows what kind of a mess the participants will make in the net.

For a souvenir of the workshop, you can weave a pattern on a small piece of cardboard that you can take home. 





Admission fee 20/10€, under 18 and over 70 yrs free entry.

For all ages. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

The drop-in workshop can be visited at any time you like.