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Director's and stage designer's creative journey from idea to performance or Tiina Puumalainen's and Teppo Järvinen's stage designs and fantasies.

The work of the director and the scenographer on the piece begins long before the performance is rehearsed. Pre-production is the cornerstone of the whole production.

How are ideas born and developed?
How does design progress?
What happens during the rehearsal phase?
What were the dreams, the plans and what did the performance end up looking like?

Puumalainen & Järvinen have been working together on classical dramas, musical theatre, dance and opera in different theatres and on different stages for 15 years. They have developed a recognisable aesthetic theatre concept and a method for its realisation.

The exhibition Synnyt / Origins features a wide range of past, ongoing and future work: original plans for collaborative theatre productions, notebooks, sketches, background and text material, inspiration photos, direction ideas, set miniatures, insights, abandoned ideas, performance costumes, schedules, rehearsal notes, set change diagrams and a photographs of works in progress and finished.

In addition, the Synnyt / Origins exhibition opens up the duo's professional process from idea to performance in a unique way: a series of dioramas made especially for this exhibition shows the making of an entire imaginary production in miniature, i.e. all the stages of the director's and scenographer's work from the birth of an artistic vision to the concrete construction and rehearsal. Along the way, all the theatre's artistic and technical teams are involved, including the audience. But by then the director and the scenographer are already moving on to the next work.

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