Pala Espanjaa - World Tapas Day

Kolmensepänaukio, Kluuvi, 00100 Helsinki
Kolmen sepän patsas/ The Three Smiths

Pala Espanjaa is a two-day event held at Kolmensepänaukio. At the event, you can taste tapas , wine and watch live show cooking performances.

Pala Espanjaa is a two-day event held in the iconic area of downtown Helsinki in conjunction with World Tapas Day. The event takes place during the best month in Helsinki, right before Midsummer. The event features typical Spanish drinks and tapas, along with various show cooking performances.

World Tapas Day is an international day celebrating the Spanish tapas culture worldwide. It has been celebrated on the third Thursday of June since 2016.

Three Smiths statue

14 - 15 June

Free admission