Pavel Semchenko & 50+ Dance Collective: 222 Wrong Movements

Klaneettitie 5, 00420 Helsinki
Cultural Centre Kanneltalo

Miracles of false movements for eight not-quite-young dancers, light, thoughts and sounds.

Miracles of false movements for eight not-quite-young dancers, light, thoughts and sounds.

Turning a new leaf in the field of Finnish dance. The 50+ Dance Collective presents its first stage work, 222 Wrong Movements, directed by award-winning artist and theatre director Pavel Semchenko.

How does something go wrong, differently from what someone thought? When was it supposed to happen and how? Did it?

The stage is taken over by eight dancers, all over 50 years old. 222 Wrong Movements introduces alternative perspectives for making and interpreting right and wrong choices, as well as possible ways to react to the natural and unnatural environment. What is unnatural or too natural, unpredictable or unusual, but not necessarily a failure? Verbal expression translates into the language of movement of bodies and objects, sound and light phenomena.

Duration of the work: approx. 1 h
Age recommendation: 7+

Working group:
Director: Pavel Semchenko
Choreography and dance: Pirkko Ahjo, Kaisa Hahl, Maikki Hauru, Marja Korhola, Kiki Molander, Anna Palmio, Tiina Salmi, Nina Viitamäki
Lighting: Mirkka Saari, Kanneltalo
In cooperation with: 50+Dance Collective, Nomadi ry, Kanneltalo

Pavel Semchenko is a longtime visual artist, director, actor, stage and graphic designer, and a founding member of the AKHE Theatre in St. Petersburg. Semchenko develops his non-verbal artistic expression with the help of sets, dolls and various moving stage elements. In Finland, he has been awarded the Säde Award for his video design for his work, Neuvostoihmisen loppu (2023). The AKHE Theatre has performed at festivals and stages around the world.

The 50+ Dance Collective is a group of dancers who have reached the age of 50. Through its artistic activities, the collective expands the professional career prospects of dancers and strives to increase cooperation between different generations and fields of art. Founded in the spring of 2023, the 50+ Dance Collective operates under dance association Nomadi ry, which also manages the operations of the Alpo Aaltokoski Company.