Photo Taiteilijan isä Niclas Simberg ja poika Tom Niemenlautan rannalla, 1913. Kansallisgalleria (c) Hugo Simberg

Photos and Art by Hugo Simberg

Kaivokatu 2, 00100 Helsinki
Ateneum Art Museum

Hugo Simberg (1873–1917) was a Finnish painter and graphic artist, but also a prolific photographer.

Hugo Simberg (1873–1917) was a Finnish painter and graphic artist, but also a prolific photographer. 

The Fokus Gallery exhibition Photos and art by Hugo Simberg shows the artist’s photographs, prints and paintings side by side. The exhibition, to be staged in a single gallery, celebrates Simberg, with the year 2023 marking the 150th anniversary of the artist’s birth.

In the 1890s, the photographic camera became a popular aid for artists in Finland. Hugo Simberg’s photographs and his versatile way of using the camera as part of creating his art are in a class of their own. In addition to Simberg, the technique was used by Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Eero Järnefelt.

Simberg documented his surroundings in photographs. In particular, he photographed the everyday life of his family at their Niemenlautta summer residence in Säkkijärvi near Viipuri (Vyborg), as well as his trips both in Finland and abroad. He also systematically used the camera as an aid when painting. Most of Simberg’s photographs seem to depict carefree summer moments; the artist did not have access to a flash, so he largely photographed during summer, when there is plenty of natural light.

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