Photo Infinity Vessel (c) Juhamatti Vahdersalo


Suomenlinna, 00190 Helsinki
Tenaille Von Fersen

When a machine looks back at people, what does it see?

When a machine looks back at people, what does it see? 

At the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress dance artist Mira Ollila interprets the shades of humanity while dancing with a robot. Roboballet is a new chapter in the Infinity Vessel series by glass artists Sini Majuri and Marja Hepo-aho, where contemporary glass is intertwined with dance and technology. 

Dive into the interactive hologram piece and sculpture exhibition which will spread out in Tenalji von Fersen hall. Exhibition will be open for two days. The intensive ten minute dance performances are held at regular intervals. The exhibition is open and free to the public.

The ballet’s music is composed by Petri Pulkkinen, the holoprojections and interactive art of the work are produced by Craneworks Oy. The choreocraphy of the dance is by Heidi Lehtoranta and Mira Ollila. Robotics has been implemented in collaboration with Aalto University’s robotics department.

Tenaille von Fersen, Suomenlinna


Free entry, duration 10 min

Book your seat by email: [email protected]