Photo Helsingin kaupunki / aineistopankki (c) Matti Tirri

Roza Ahmad, Coyote Park, Iida Valmé

Kaapeliaukio 3, 00180 Helsinki
Finnish Museum of Photography

Roza Ahmad, Coyote Park, Iida Valmé: Your Body Changes Everything

Roza Ahmad, Coyote Park, Iida Valmé: Your Body Changes Everything 
Your Body Changes Everything, presenting works from three artists, Roza Ahmad, Coyote Park, and Iida Valmé, is an exhibition about the relationship between contemporary photography and trans and queer identities. It talks about the joys of shared resistance, and about how living trans and queer lives becomes possible through stories that are told of them.

The works of Ahmad, Park and Valmé talk about trans and queer flourishing, nurtured by its surrounding communities. Continuing to excist in the world despite the structures that try to make it impossible can alone create radical change.


Finnish Museum of Photography, Cable Factory


Tue-Sun 11.00-18.00

Wed 11.00-20.00

Admission fee 6/12€, under 18 yrs free entry