Photo Helsingin Taidehalli (c) Saara Ekström

Saara Ekström

Nervanderinkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki
Kunsthalle Helsinki

Saara Ekström: Through the Still Eye of the Timestorm

Saara Ekström: Through the Still Eye of the Timestorm

Saara Ekström’s works approach the essence of time – its nourishing and eroding influence on memory, landscape, objects and architecture.

In the earth’s deep abysses and high altitudes unfold archaic worlds which enchant and confuse people, allowing them to encounter the fragility and temporality of existence; erupting volcanoes, primeval forests compressed into coal, petrified fossils and caves where early humans left their marks.

In her works, Saara Ekström traces the connections between geological events, evolution, corporeality, and the subconscious. The installations and experimental films navigate towards the edges of the great mystery of time – a cycle of birth, death, and constant change.

The exhibition includes several new works, such as a three-channel projection shot on film, sculptures, photographs and texts.


Kunsthalle Helsinki

10.6. - 27.8.2023

Tue, Thu and Fri 11.00-18.00, Wed 11.00-20.00, Sat-Sun 11.00-17.00 

Admission fee 8/14€, under 18 yrs free entry