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Sami Klemola: Frozen Loops

Sami Klemola: Frozen Loops Paintings, sound art exhibition

Sami Klemola: Frozen Loops
Paintings, sound art exhibition

"Kandinsky thought at that time that painting is frozen music. The image has stopped, frozen in place, but the movement and rhythm continue. The artworks in this exhibition feature revolving, frozen and broken loops in their own imperfection. Repetition and variation are the basic techniques of music, but in these artworks they also tell about the routines of everyday life. Routines are repeated, the movement does not stop. However, nothing is ever exactly the same. Many people also have a compulsive need for repetition. Routines may become a way to control anxiety. Repetition calms, but the movement does not stop".

Sami Klemola is a composer whose versatile and extensive production is guided by his curiosity about the different forms of sound. In addition to composing "concert music", Klemola realizes sound installations and reflects on the essence of sound with the help of images. Klemola is also the artistic director of the Helsinki-based defunensemble band. Klemola's chamber music piece "...On Escher" was nominated for the Teosto Award in 2020.


Luotsikatu 13

Tue-Sun 12.00-18.00

Vernissage: 2.6.   17.00-19.00

Free entry