SAMPO Festival: Babygonia

Annankatu 30, 00100 Helsinki
Annantalo Arts Centre

We invite babies from eight months to two and a half years old to arrive at a theatre.

We invite babies from eight months to two and a half years old to arrive at a theatre.

They always come like royalty in carriages, accompanied by an adult retinue. And they enter the show as a river can be entered – they can bravely go with its flow or against it; they can watch how it flows; they can lie down and look into it, or just listen to the sound of water.

The theatre is not divided into an auditorium and a stage. The actors create a variety of images and compositions in space, where, if desired and ready, large and small spectators can enter. The audience chooses the degree of their participation and activity in the action organized by the actors.

Baby spectator is a little Buddha: s/he does not know what adults do know. But s/he still remembers what grown-ups have forgotten. S/he has an amazing curiosity about everything around. S/he questions and explores every tiny thing s/he notices. S/he enjoys this devising process.

The performance is based on associative forms, shapes and tactile-sensory perception of space, in which micro- and macro-universes are formed, assembled from objects of different colors, sizes, textures and sounds (the visual story is accompanied by live music).

We borrow from little buddhas their method of communication with reality and we are using it as a professional approach in creating baby theatre.

Performers: Anna Nekrassova and Jenni Rutanen
Concept, directing: Anna Ivanova
Visual realization, space and objects: Jenni Rutanen
Sound designer and musician on stage: Roosa Halme
Light designer: Antton Kainulainen
Movement designer: Mantas Stabačinskas

Duration: 30 minutes
Age recommendation: 8 months – 2,5 years old (with adults)
Language: Non-verbal

Reservations and inquires: phone 020 735 2235, email [email protected]

SAMPO Festival in Helsinki

The international puppet theatre event SAMPO Festival is coming for the eighth time! There will be nonverbal puppet theatre for adults and children, live music, circus, theatre for babies, absurd minimalism and shadow theatre of grand proportions!

New domestic performances and international top names for the first time in Finland!

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