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Sergei Pavlov: The Echo

Hämeentie 135 A, 00560 Helsinki
Iittala & Arabia Design Centre

The exhibition asks visitors to radically rethink their relationship with time: to reflect on today and speak to tomorrow. Inspired by the design philosophy

Sergei Pavlov's photo exhibition "Echo" is on display in the Design Lab Gallery of the Iittala & Arabia Design Center during the spring.

In his artistic work, Finnish photographer Sergei Pavlov strives to record the deepest essence of important people, places and experiences in his life. Impressed by Pavlov's creative expression, Iittala invited him to an artistic collaboration in 2023. Pavlov's portraits are often set in natural environments and bring out the power and thinking of nature, which have also inspired Iittala's design over the decades - elements of nature such as flowing water and sunlight, as well as shapes and formations that have arisen in nature. 

The collaboration is part of Iittala's new direction to work with artists and implement various cross-art collaborations. The result of the collaboration is a series of photos that evoke thoughts and images, which will be on display in this exhibition. Pavlov uses analog photography and black-and-white film, developing his works traditionally in the darkroom. The exhibition features 12 photographs, including both new and old material from his portfolio.


Iittala & Arabia Design Centre


Free entry