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Soup Troupe: Dracula

Korkeavuorenkatu 17, 00130 Helsinki
NoName Theatre

'Dracula' by Bryony Lavery

'Dracula' by Bryony Lavery

Do vampires exist? In the 21st century? What would Dracula do if he had access to modern technology? How are vampires defeated in the digital age? Garlic? An anti-virus software? 

In her adaptation of the classic novel 'Dracula', Bryony Lavery revisits the story of Count Dracula. Letters, diary entries, and newspaper clippings from the original novel are replaced by e-mails, text messages, and televised news. 


NoName Theatre



29.3. / 30.3. / 31.3. / 1.4. at 19.00
2.4. at 16.00

Tickets 16/20€ from Holvi Shop

Performed in English, duration 2 h, age recommendation 13+