Photo Laura the Light of All & Lätsä (c) Lauri Antti Mattila

Space Antennas

Space antennas - ‘Spiritual space voyage’

Space antennas - ‘Spiritual space voyage’

A B-class musical dance performance that passes or wonders between the stars, which includes magic, skills, lack of skill, consciousness and unconsciousness.

The scenes of the show spin, twist, freeze and flow in an intuitively chaotic way in the themes of letting go, being caught, being blocked and opening up.

Space antennas connect to frequencies and reveal disconnections. The performance is a third mini-performance as part of the Star Children in the World series.


Liisa Pentti + Co Studio, Laivakatu 5K
9.7.2023 at 14 & 19

Duration 40 min

Free entry