Suõmmkar | Banda Caribe Helsinki – Etno-Espa


at 4 pm

Suõmmkar fills the Esplanade Park with sounds from their hometown of Inari in the Skolt Sámi region, presenting contemporary treatments of the Skolt Sámi song tradition leuʹdd in combination with other Skolt Sámi musical styles, such as the quadrille, play songs and lullabies.

The group's second album Peäccam da Paččjokk, to be released in the summer of 2024, draws from the traditional music of old Petsamo and Paatsjoki siidas, the Lapp villages in the Sámi communities. The album's themes are also related to the family backgrounds of the two Suõmmkar soloists, Anna Lumikivi and Hanna-Maaria Kiprianoff. In the spring of 2024, Lumikivi appeared on The Voice of Finland program as the first singer in the history of the competition to perform in the Skolt Sámi language.

Anna Lumikivi – leu'dd, vocals
Hanna-Maaria Kiprianoff – leu'dd, vocals
Marko Jouste – archaic stringed instruments
Pessi Jouste – violin
Uula Jouste – bass
Elias Nieminen – drums, percussion

at 5.15
Banda Caribe Helsinki

Banda Caribe Helsinki plays traditional Cuban music styles such as rumba, salsa and son, bringing Caribbean rhythms within the earshot of the Helsinki Market Square. Composer and artistic director Daniel Baró has arranged several well-known Cuban popular music tunes into contemporary versions with a groove that compels you to dance.

The group’s musicians live in the moment, always interacting with their audiences and dancers. Founded in 2018, the band offers Cuban music enthusiasts guaranteed enjoyment of their favourite music in the Esplanade Park, whether quietly listening from a park bench or by getting up and dancing!

Daniel Baró – acoustic guitar, vocals
Tero Toivanen – très guitar, backing vocals
Alexis Neyra – bongos, guiro, cowbell, electronic drum elements, backing vocals
Sami Pöyhönen – trumpet, maracas, foot bell, backing vocals

This concert is presented by the Global Music Centre