Photo Botticelli, edit. Vetus ventus/ Helleka Tallgrén

The New Face of Medieval Christmas Songs

Sammatintie 5, 00550 Helsinki
St. Paul's church

Vetus ventus – New Face of Medieval Christmas Songs

Vetus ventus – The New Face of Medieval Christmas Songs


A song needs to be great to stand the test of time. When a piece of music has been played for hundreds of years it must be a hit, right? You’ll only hear true hits in this concert.

Vetus ventus introduces the new face of Medieval Christmas songs. Songs from hundreds of years ago, like Gaudete, Veni veni Emmanuel, and Ave maris stella have been arranged to modern aesthetic. If the Finnish hitstreak Piae cantiones from the 16th century doesn’t ring a bell, don’t you worry! There are some familiar and more recent (18th century) hit-songs in the mix.

Helleka Tallgrén – vocals and flute
Max Loponen – bass
Milena Albanese – keys
Santeri Saari – drums and percussions

St. Paul's Church




Program 10/15€