The Right Place

Hietaniemenkatu 7B, 00100 Helsinki
NoName Theatre

A fiction-documentary show about belonging

What is the place where you are supposed to be? Is it a home, a workplace, or a specific state of mind? Is it a process or people? We are going to explore different strategies people use to find a sense of belonging.

"The Right Place" is a production based on the participants' observations, feelings, and interviews with people from different parts of the world. We hope the show will leave you with more questions than answers.

Performed IN ENGLISH

Director – Sofia Stupenkova
Dramaturg  – Vera Boitsova

CAST: Anastasia Diatlova, Sofie Lahtinen, Vladislav Nenchev & Cansu Pylkkänen

NoName Theatre

14 June 2024 at 19
15 June 2024 at 19

Tickets: 10-12,50€