Topmost 60 Forever – Topmost with Special Guests

Kasarmikatu 46-48, 00130 Helsinki
Savoy Theatre

Once the most popular popband in Finland, Topmost makes a comeback!

Once the most popular popband in Finland, Topmost makes a comeback!

In the world of popular music, there aren’t many bands that started in the 1960s who are still performing and recording with almost their original line-up.

Founded in 1964 by a group of schoolboys from Helsinki, Topmost is still active with five original members: Gugi Kokljuschkin, Harri Saksala, Eero Lupari, Holle Holopainen and Kisu Jernström. The sixth member of Topmost, Poku Tarkkonen, passed away in 2007 and was replaced in 2004 by keyboardist Tommi Lindell.

Topmost was the most popular pop band in Finland for years. They released six singles and one album and also toured Denmark and Sweden with such success that the Swedish tabloid Expressen was quick to praise them: “Topmost is the biggest sensation since the Beatles!”
Topmost’s popularity was based on playing the latest pop hits, pure harmonies, and on their proficiency in rhythm and blues and soul music. The young musicians were also popular with the girls, thanks to their stylish attire, and their stage outfits were naturally bought from the top clothing stores in Stockholm at the time.

Topmost’s 60 Forever celebration concert will be held in the heart of Helsinki on Tue, 20 August , at the Savoy Theatre. The concert will feature surprise guest appearances by Topmost’s musician friends from over the years.

2024 is Topmost’s anniversary year, celebrating 60 years of making music.
A tribute to Finland’s most legendary and perhaps the world’s longest-lived band from the 1960s!

Duration: approx. 2 h, including an intermission

Stalls 18+, a licensed (alcohol-serving) area. The balcony is a non-licensed area without an age limit.