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Tosen Iwasaki

Kuusisaarenpolku 11, 00340 Helsinki
Villa Gyllenberg

Tosen Iwasaki: The Sense of Wonder VIII - A Straight Line

Tosen Iwasaki: The Sense of Wonder VIII -  A Straight Line 

Tosen Iwasaki’s calligraphy resembles a jumble of lines concentrated in one area. This is due to the artist’s desire to connect straight lines that continue endlessly.

Her words stand out clearly. One could say that each work is a poem.

One poem, one form.

Her straight line works are reminiscent of Piet Mondrian, but instead of the line continuing into infinity, the artist has blown an end to it with a straw. The line appears endlessly long, but ultimately it is scattered to the heavens together with the meaning contained in the poem.


Villa Gyllenberg

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