Photo Annamaria Palsi-Ikonen


Töölönkatu 51, 00250 Helsinki
Tram Museum

Join us at the joyous children’s event at the Tram Museum on Saturday, 23 September!

On the Vaunusali Stage you will meet Mimi and Kuku as well as actors from Vekarateatteri who will create theater and songs based on children’s suggestions. Visit Glitternists and decorate yourself with ecoglitter and make your own moving tram in the workshop. There are also colouring pages for the little ones. The event is in English, free admission.

Event schedule:

12.00 Mimi and Kuku

12.00–15.00 Workshop: Tram-on-a-stick

13.00 Improvisational Theater Metkalaukku (Vekarateatteri)

13.00–16.00 Ecoglitter tattoos for children (Glitternists)

14.00 Mimi and Kuku

15.00 Improvisational Theater Metkalaukku