Photo Teatteri Takomo (c) Jaakko Pietiläinen

Undress Me, Then

Fredrikinkatu 18, 00120 Helsinki
Teatteri Takomo

Questions about time and survival

Questions about time and survival

Undress me, then is a part-documentary play written by Marie Kajava, who has interviewed cattle herding nomads in various parts of the African continent.
These areas have been directly affected by the global climate crisis. Both drought and rainstorm complicate the way of life.
Six characters address topics like mornings, cattle, fear, stars, blood, walking and adaptation to the climate change. They approach questions of language proficiency, language barriers and being safe within.

Undress me, then is performed in Finnish, but there are scenes where the actors speak French, English, Arabic, Fula, and Maasai. The use of multiple languages opens questions of listening and hearing.

Are people paying attention, and if so, who are they listening to and what are they hearing?


Teatteri Takomo


Premiere 7.10.2023 at 19.00


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