Photo Viapori Jazz ry (c) Pate Pesonius

Viapori Jazz 2024

Suomenlinna, 00190 Helsinki
Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

As August approaches, the city is again full of art that extends its musical tentacles as far as the nearest islands.

Once more Viapori Jazz treats you to a stimulating schedule for the last week of August!

This year’s contributions include some bewildering grooves by Tuomo & Maja Mannila and Johanna Försti’s Motown band, as well as Emma Salokoski and Maria Ylipää’s more poetic expression. The festival also celebrates Sarah Vaughan, creates an interactive children’s concert and intoxicates you with some Saturday night African rhythms. And surely you mustn’t miss Viapori Jazz’s most unpredictable event, THE SURPRISE CONCERT!


Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

27 - 31 August, 2024