Viimeiset Hitaat – Exhibition

Uudenmaankatu 13, 00120 Helsinki

Hilla Semeri's illustrations and Sandra Prami's ceramic sculptures celebrate girlhood and everyday details with abundant ornamentation.

The works of two creatives with a background in drawing stem from worlds filled with sticky chewing gum and sparkling, glittery plastic. “Viimeiset hitaat” (eng. Last dance) exhibition at Luonnos until 11.8.2024. Please note that the gallery is closed in July.

In Hilla Semeri's illustrations and Sandra Prami's ceramic sculptures, girlishness and abundant ornamentation are not considered taboo. 

The artists of the exhibition perceive the field of visual communication, especially graphic design, as sometimes full of unwritten rules about the virtues of minimalist reduction. However, in this collaborative exhibition, the numerous details in each designer’s work serve as the most significant means of uncovering layers of different times, places, and emotions.


Hilla Semeri (b. 1995) illustrates a consumer culture familiar to her, creating a nostalgic and soft universe. Her illustrations feature daydreaming female characters and the intricate details of their daily lives, such as adorable earrings, a charming juice box, and an old flip phone.

In Sandra Prami’s (b. 1995) works, glossy, metallic, and matte treatments transform hard ceramics to look like draping fabric, soft skin, or shimmering nail polish. Sculptures combine experiences and fashion influences from recent decades. Prami’s sculptures depict delicate and imperfect moments of pressure over appearance, dependency, feelings of not fitting in, and friendship.


June 14 – August 11, 2024 
(Note: Luonnos is closed during July!) 

Wed–Fri 12–17, Sat–Sun 12–16

Free admission