Youth Island Gallery

Youth Island Gallery is the Helsinkians’ own place on Vartiosaari Island. The island is a precious piece of preserved, diverse nature.

Youth Island Gallery is returning to Vartiosaari Island. This year, too, Helsinki Youth Services and partners will offer free nature experiences, art, woodwork, stone and jewellery workshops for young people. They can display their works at the gallery’s barn exhibition, which they can also help build.

In 2023, the gallery will also offer young people new experiences, such as kayaking or climbing.

They can also garden, care for animals and spend time in nature. Workspaces include the beautiful outdoors and a century-old stable and barn. There is also an ecocafé run by young people using the harvest of the gallery’s vegetable garden and other ecological products. Workshops for 12–25-year-olds 12 June–21 July Tue–Fri from 13.00 to 17.00. The café is open for all 12 June–21 July Tue–Fri from 12.00 to 17.30. MobilePay or card payment only! Note! The café is open on a Monday on its opening day (Helsinki Day 12 June). More information: and @saarigalleria on IG.