Papu Store

Pohjoisesplanadi 19, 00100 Helsinki

Finnish sustainable clothing brand Papu Design was born in 2012, when founder Anna Kurkela and artist Hanna-Riikka Heikkilä decided to start changing the world.

The women's collaboration resulted in recognizable children's and women's apparel. Today, Papu focuses on sustainable women's clothing.

Papu's clothes are characterized by a bold personality and unprejudiced playfulness. The range includes many designs, colors and patterns, from everyday clothes to outdoor wear.

Papu Design's core value is quality, which the brand wants to incorporate in everything it does. Papu believes that a long-lasting and high-quality product is the key to sustainability.

In addition to these values, nature, and animals are strongly present in Papu's operations and in the aesthetics of its collections. Nature-themed illustrations are born out of a genuine appreciation for the world around us. For Papu, it is important that we can continue to enjoy clean forests and waters, encounter healthy animals, and breathe fresh air in nature and in the city.

Papu Design wants to bring happiness to every day through inspiring design. Papu clothing is for everyone - and for every moment.