Haltia - The Finnish Nature Centre

Nuuksiontie 84, 02820 Espoo

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is a gateway to the nature in Finland and also to Nuuksio National Park. The sustainably operating Nature Centre offers you an authentic experience of all of Finland’s nature. The exhibitions at Haltia will take you to the incredible sceneries of Finnish national parks and nature destinations in the world’s nature capital. Through temporary exhibitions and different events, we take a stand on current issues such as climate change and the positive impact of nature on well-being.

Haltia turns 10 this year (2023) and the anniversary is celebrated every month with Outdoor Saturday events.
Haltia nature school offers nature education for children in the form of nature school days and guided tours.
We offer sustainable facilities for various functions and events. Haltia has a nature shop and Restaurant Haltia. We provide hiking advice and rent equipments. Haltia's nearby nature trails are suitable for all people of all levels and they have a connection to Nuuksio National Park.

We want to offer our visitors touching experiences, inspire them to hike in the wild and help them forge a deeper relationship with nature.