Salomonkatu 15, 00100 Helsinki

Tennispalatsi (Tennis Palace) is a cultural and recreational centre in Kamppi. The functionalist building was designed by Helge Lundström. Originally, Tennispalatsi was built for a car and car part dealer and as a service station in 1937. The vaulted halls with their tennis courts were added a year later and for many years, Tennispalatsi was Finland's main tennis venue. In the 1952 Summer Olympics the basketball preliminary games were held at Tennispalatsi. During the years the building was determined to be torn down several times as it originally was built for temporary use. The building's suitability as a cultural centre was originally suggested in 1993 and extensive premises were planned for cultural purposes. Today the Tennispalatsi building houses eg. a Finnkino multiplex movie theatre and HAM-Helsinki City Art Museum.