Photo Perttu Saksa

Aku Raski, Giant Robot

Tokoinranta, Eläintarhantie, 00530 Helsinki
Huvila Festival Tent

Two classic artists from Helsinki will perform at Huvila

Two classic artists from Helsinki will perform at Huvila, when Giant Robot makes a long-awaited comeback and Aku Raski resets his successful career and is reborn.

Having been active from 1997 to 2008, Giant Robot is a group that reached mythical heights, combining hip hop, dub, funk, pop and electronic music from the start. The core of the group is a mix of elements created both electronically and with organic instruments. 

Aku Raski is one of Finland’s most internationally-recognised electronic music artists. Celebrating his 25th artist anniversary at Huvila, Raski put his Huoratron alias to rest at a sold-out Tavastia last November and is now being reborn at Huvila under his own name. Combining hardcore techno and electro, Raski has performed at Coachella and with megastar Skrillex.